Dr. Oanna Meyer


Dr. Meyer is a board certified surgeon specializing in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. She lives with her family in Tel Aviv. Trained in Switzerland, France and Israel, Dr. Meyer is a member of the Israeli, American and Swiss Associations of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
Dr. Meyer works in both the private and hospital settings:
• Specializing in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
• Working as a senior surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction in the Rambam Medical Center’s Department of Plastic Surgery in Haifa.
• At her own private clinic in Neve Tzedek performing cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Meyer performs a wide range of plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic therapies for both men and women:
• Breast surgeries – including breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and breast reconstruction.
• Facial operations – rhinoplasty, face-lift, eyelid lift, otoplasty and more.
• Body contouring – liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift and thigh lift.
• Aesthetic medicine (non-surgical procedures) –botox, fillers, lip enhancement and more.

During the very first visit, Dr. Meyer will provide you with personal guidance and consultation according to your needs and the procedure you wish to have performed, all while tailoring the treatments to the patient’s personal medical history and personal expectations while implementing the most advanced and innovative treatment options in the field. Each patient receives a detailed explanation regarding the procedure and the entire recovery process.

Dr. Meyer believes that the relationship between the surgeon and the patient is the very foundation of each and every treatment. Professionalism coupled with humanity, the most advanced technology and medical equipment, along with international experience and personally tailored treatment for each patient, all contribute to a positive experience, maximal synchronization between expectations and results and exceptional outcomes that withstand the test of time.

The Path to Plastic Surgery
Dr. Meyer was born in Geneva and spent her youth between Switzerland, Israel and France. After completing her high school studies at the French School in Tel Aviv, she naturally drawn towards medical studies. She completed her undergraduate degree at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and went on to study medicine in Geneva. She began her residency in general surgery in Switzerland and Belgium and then continued to Geneva to subspecialize in Plastic Surgery, later completing an additional year of residency in Plastic Surgery at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel through a resident exchange program.

Upon completing her residency, Dr. Meyer worked as a senior plastic surgeon at the University Medical Hospital in Geneva and focusing mostly on breast reconstruction, microsurgical procedures, complex face reconstruction and body contouring procedures for patients following bariatric surgery. She then completed her specialization in Breast Reconstruction and Aesthetics in Lyon, France with Dr. Delay (a pioneer in the field of breast reconstruction who developed unique techniques) and worked in a private clinic at the Cornavin Dermatologic Medical Center in Geneva. Upon returning to Israel with her family, Dr. Meyer completed the Israeli licensing requirements for operating as a plastic surgeon in Israel. Today she is a senior surgeon at the Rambam Medical Center and maintains a private clinic in Tel Aviv.

Dr. Oanna Meyer
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeon
Swiss medical and specialist license
Israeli medical license:1-111518
Israeli specialist license:1-34418


Hebrew, French, English, Spanish


Private Practice
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Plastic Surgeon in group practice Centre Dermatologique de Cornavin 2015-2016
Geneva, Switzerland


Senior plastic surgeon
Plastic Surgery Division, Rambam Hospital, Haifa 2017
Senior plastic surgeon (Chef de Clinique)
Plastic Surgery Division, Geneva University Hospitals 2012-2015

Rhinoplasty Surgery Fellowship
Cairo- Prof. Hossam Foda
Breast reconstruction and aesthetic surgery fellow
Centre Léon Berard, Lyon, France- Dr. Emmanuel Delay


• Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery FMH Diploma
Swiss Diploma
• European Board of Plastic Surgery Diploma
• Docteur en medicine
Medical Doctorate (University thesis)
• Medical school, Geneva University, Switzerland
Medical Degree
• Medical school, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
BA, Basic medical sciences
• Marc Chagall French High School, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Baccalauréat scientifique, highest honors


• Plastic surgery resident, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
• Plastic surgery resident, Rabin Medical Center, Israel
• Plastic surgery resident, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
• Hand surgery rotation, Hadassa Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel
• General surgery resident, Clinique St-Elizabeth, Brussels, Belgium
• General surgery resident, Pourtalès Hospital, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

• Israeli Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
• Swiss Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
• American Society of Plastic Surgery
• European Respiratory Society


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La reconstruction mammaire immédiate par prothèse avec utilisation d’un filet de Vicryl: est-elle une technique sûre et efficace? O. Meyer. Thesis Director: Prof. Brigitte Pittet. Geneva University, 2015-Med.10753


• Jean-François Pascal Course: Bodylift and silhouette surgery. Lyon 2016
• Face Eyes Nose Course Theory and Dissection Based Aesthetic Facial & Rhinoplasty Course. Coventry 2016
• Allergan Specialists Workshop Lower Face and Midface. Geneva, 2016
• Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop. Melbourne, 2015
• The Stuttgart advanced course for functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty, 2014
• Dallas Rhinoplasty course & Cosmetic symposium dissection based, 2012
• Total Ear reconstruction (Dr. S. Guichard), Geneva, 2010 and 2012
• Filling and Volumetry using HA&Collagens. IMCAS, Paris, 2010
• Dissection course: Surgical Anatomy of flaps (Prof V. Casoli). Bordeaux, 2010
• Advanced Course in experimental microsurgery. Zurich, 2009
• AO Course. Davos, 2007
• Laparoscopic workshop on herniation treatment. Geneva, 2007
• Gastrointestinal surgery workshop. Davos, 2007
• ATLS. Geneva, 2006
• Mechanical and laparoscopic basic sutures workshop, Geneva. 2006


• Prof. Mustapha Hamdi private clinic, Bruxelles
• Dr. Xavier Nelissen private clinic, Lièges
• Dr. JB Duron private clinic, Paris
• Dr. Hugues Giffon private clinic, Lyon
• Akademikliniken, Stockholm- Dr. Hedén
• Dallas plastic surgery institute – Dr. Rohrich
• NYU Medical Center – Dr. McCarthy
• Dr. Dan Baker private practice, NYC
• The Hospital for Sick Children – Dr. Forrest
• Ichilov Hospital – Prof. Eyal Gur
• Hadassa Medical Center- Prof. Rami Neuman